Completely Amazing
I was informed by my Life Insurance agent that my Cholesterol test results came in at 270 which made me a high risk candidate for heart disease. A friend recommended L-Arginine Complete and after just one month on the product my cholesterol level has dropped dramatically to 160 which is well within Healthy Desirable Ranges. Nothing has changed in my diet or daily routine except for adding L-Arginine Complete. These are amazing results and I am proof that this product really works.
-Tim, 41, Utah
Who Needs Caffeine?
Since I've been on nitric oxide therapy, I find that I sleep so much better. Plus I wake up a lot earlier and am able to feel mentally sharp much faster. I have even skipped coffee recently.
-Barbara, 63, Tucson
No Turns the Tables
I have three kids under the age of four. Multivitamins helped me keep up with them, but since I've been boosting my nitric oxide, the kids can't keep up with me!
-Elaine, 31, New Jersey
Nitric Oxide Produces Incredible Results
After three weeks on Nitric Oxide Boosting Supplements, my blood pressure went from 163/94 to 124/80 - with no blood pressure medications.
-Cathy, 55, Topeka
Conquering the Elements
I bicycle up to fifty miles per week in the hot Las Vegas sun. Since starting nitric oxide therapy, the endurance in my legs and ability to withstand the heat this summer has been amazing. The only thing that stops me is the amount of water I can carry and the padding on my seat!
-Steve, 33, Las Vegas
My Personal Best!
Nitric Oxide therapy helped me to improve my marathon run by forty-one minutes. I ran the marathon last year and my time was 5:16. This year, my time improved to 4:35, despite the fact that I'm on year older (Fifty-eight). Say Yes to NO helps me run better every day and sleep better every night!
-Chris, 58, San Francisco
I Even Enjoy Walking (Diabetic)
After being on Nitric Oxide therapy for three weeks, I noticed that my diabetic feet have feeling in them again and they aren't perpetually cold. The improvement seems to be a continuing thing. I even enjoy walking again!
-Judy, 58, Duluth
I'm Hooked!
I work as a trainer at a Gym and am always being introduced to different supplements, but every since I was introduced to L-Arginine Complete I have been hooked. The taste is very refreshing and the renewed life and health I feel is refreshing as well. There are so many benefits to taking this product I would suggest taking it to everyone.
-Matt, 26, Utah
What a Perk.
I am a thirty-four-year-old male and suffer from minor erectile dysfunction. I started Nitric Oxide therapy as a protection against heart disease. Then I noticed that my sex life was improving. About three weeks after starting to boost my nitric oxide, my erectile function began to improve until it was normal after about four months. What an amazing health breakthrough when you can rise to the occasion and protect your heart at the same time.
-Jerry, 34, Atlantic City
My Arthritis Pain has Essentially Disappeared
I suffer from rheumatoid arthritis and I experience joint stiffness and leg and hand pain every morning on awakening. About one month after commencing nitric oxide therapy, I noticed a dramatic improvement in my condition. That is, my joints were not as stiff as before and, even more dramatically, the pains in my hands and legs essentially disappeared. I have never experienced better effects with any prescription drug.
-Alice 54, London, England
Amazing, but True!
After only three weeks on nitric Oxide therapy, my blood pressure was down fifteen points!
-Joe, 45, St. Louis
Can't go Without.
It's amazing the difference I have noticed having been on the L-Arginine product and then having gone without for a few weeks. I will no longer go without because the benefits are too great. My energy levels are up, I feel more complete and my LOVE LIFE has never been better. Everyone needs these benefits in their lives.
-Joe, 42, Utah